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Caloric Suitability Index

Galor and Ozak's Caloric Suitability Indices captures potential agricultural output (measured in calories) based on crops that were available for cultivation in the Pre-1500CE and Post-1500CE eras. It is available for grid cells and at the country level. The data can be used to assess or account for the exogenous effect of agricultural potential on various economic and social outcomes.

Interpersonal Population Diversity

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Other Projects:

Galor Oded and Omer Ozak, (2016),"The Agricultural Origins of Time Preference" American Economic Review, 106 (10). 3064–3103.

Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor, "Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch," American Economic Review,101(5), 2003-2041, (August 2011)

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